BT Campus

A Business Training and Social Learning Platform

Welcome to BT Campus. A place to learn, work with other small businesses, share your knowledge, and meet other smart people sharpening their skills for the new  workplace. 

Our mission is to develop and maintain a vibrant platform of free education that allows businesses and employees to collaborate on  training, knowledge, and talent development. 

BT Campus is operated by Brain Trust University. We are changing the way education is delivered and accredited. Our vision is free life-long education for employees which is optionally accredited by a brain trust of businesses. This  results in a customized learning experience for the employee that meets the needs of the employer.

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10,000+ Courses

Most of them FREE

You will be pleasantly surprised by the size of our course library. That’s because our business is finding and vetting Best in Class courses from all the leading online providers including Google, Microsoft, Coursera, LinkedIn, Edx and many more. We then put them into an easy to navigate course catalog for our members. Our platform provides a centralized campus for learning, meeting, and tracking your educational achievements.

We use the BT Framework to help members organize their skills, knowledge and, abilities into a visual framework that makes it easy to communicate their competencies to their employers or prospective employers. Plus, our campus is built based on the concept of virtual social learning.

BT Framework

The BT Framework provides the ability to communicate your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Learning Paths

Learning paths allow members to plan their education to achieve a desired work role based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities documented in their BT Framework.

Online Courses

All courses available through BT Campus are online. However, members track their education from all sources.

Course Sharing

We encourage our members to make their own courses and share them with the campus. 

Virtual Social Learning

BT Campus is built on the belief that the best education is a social event in which members  can meet and learn together.

Life Long Learners

We believe that learning is a life long endeavor. We also believe that your education should be accessible 24/7 via mobile.

Education Benefit

BT Campus is an excellent employee benefit because it helps focus education on work roles yet is customized to the learners specific interests.

Mentors and Coaches

Included with your membership is access to our business mentors and BT Coaches.

Become an expert

BT Campus enables our members to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and abilities based on a planned learning path designed by them, Microsoft, Google, or other program, including member designed courses based on YouTube videos.  

Earn Micro Degrees

Align micro degrees together to make learning paths and earn

2 yr and 4 yr degrees

Learn by Doing

When we built the BT Campus platform, we built a class to document our newly acquired knowledge skills and abilities.  

We now offer that course free to our members and we encourage similar sharing to solve shared challenges.

Build your portfolio

BT Campus allows members to demonstrate their educational achievements regardless of the provider. Members can easily develop a portfolio of their lifelong educational accomplishments.


Our platform allows members to develop a complete picture of their training and education. They can then use our campus tools to plan and achieve their long term educational ambitions.

Achieve your goals

Education should be fun, interesting, and allow you to network with others to solve business challenges. Times are changing and the future of work, and education, has arrived much sooner, and differently, than anyone imagined. The tools people use to achieve personal and business goals will necessarily change as well.

It was not very long ago that taking a course meant going someplace to complete it, and ideally, make some friends in the process. Not any more. Most people don’t want to be in groups, wearing masks. The way we achieve life goals is now changed forever. People need new ways to educate collaboratively, without getting in a bus or car. Worse yet, being in a random group of unfamiliar people in masks is uncomfortable. Yet all of us are still going to want to meet, collaborate, and make friends.

BT Campus will help you meet others “on campus” and learn collaboratively. The BT Framework will help you get educated based on the roles you want to fill and the needs of business. We are confident the BT Campus platform will help you achieve your goals.

“My entire team was working together by the end of our first day on BT Campus!”

The large course catalog combined with the planner and BT Framework and Education Teams helps businesses, identify needs, organize, and train the workforce for the future.

John Stokes- Entrepreneur 


What does Free Education mean?

Free education means access to free resources and free high quality courses. Ideally, free means free to employees. We charge a small fee to support the BT Campus platform. 

How much does it cost?

Please see our pricing page for details.


Can employees get a degree on BT Campus?

They can earn micro degrees and degrees thru Brain Trust University

What is a micro degree?

Micro Degrees at Brain Trust University represent specialized areas of study requiring 10 credit hours or 450 hours of work to complete. 6 micro degrees equals a 2 year degree (60 credits). 12 micro degrees equals a 4 year degree (120 credits).

Why should we join BT Campus?

Because you want to a join a group of other small businesses on a  platform where employees can interact and learn from other lifelong learners, record their accomplishments using the BT Framework, and develop your workforce.

What if we want to stop the BT Campus membership?

Subscriptions are are paid annually and you can stop anytime. We don’t offer first year partial refunds because we don’t charge for setup.

Can anyone join BT Campus?

Yes, BT Campus is available to all employed learners.

Why do learners need a job to join BT Campus and earn Micro Degrees?

Because BT Campus is a platform designed for businesses and employees. Brain Trust University Micro Degrees are a business education benefit.

Can employees pay for the subscription or does the employer need to pay?

Like we said, ideally, BT Campus is free to employess. The employer or sponsor just needs to register the learner.

Can I be self employed or start my own business and then join and go for micro degrees?

Yes you can. In fact, we offer a great entrepreneurship program.

What happens if an employee looses their job?

That would be unfortunate, but it’s not a problem from our perspective. Either you or your former employer can continue the membership via our transition plan for furloughs and layoffs, you can pause your membership, or cancel it anytime. In any case, your education documentation remains accessible to you via your free account.

Free Courses

Most of the courses available through BT Campus are free.

Premium Courses

Some courses charge for a certificate of successful completion. Members are responsible for all related certificate and other course costs, if any.

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