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BT Campus is the leading social learning platform for life-long learners and businesses wanting to up-skill for the the future of work. Brain Trust University is a private, for profit university that provides free accredited courses and degrees to employees of our member businesses.

Brain Trust University

We are Passionate About Building Tools for Online Learning

The BT Campus platform is built using familiar Microsoft 365 and Azure tools. This provides a World Class education platform that can be used for both business and personal education courses and ensures employees are trained using Microsoft tools.

Individual Online Learning

Sometimes you just have to learn something alone and on your schedule…

Sometimes you don’t need to know all the material in a class -you only need a section, or sometimes instructors load up a class with unnecessary content. We get it and and our platform accommodates audited and partial courses. 

Online Education Studio

At the heart of the BT Campus platform is an education studio that details your accomplishments, skill, knowledge, and abilities. Your studio also contains the course catalog and your education planner.

Having a central repository of your educational materials available 24/7 via a mobile device is game changing. Your BT Campus Education Studio gives you the ability to show what you know and provides a centralized meeting place for your coaches, mentors, and teammates.  

Meet Online

We use Zoom, Duo, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams to meet others online.

Our coaches and mentors will introduce you to other members with similar educational interests to yours. You will also meet others through our campus directory, member profiles, and teams. 

FREE Online Education is in Our Blood

At the heart of our mission is FREE education – or at least as free as we can figure out how to make it. We believe that existing brick and mortar education is too reliant on public money and student debt. We do things differently and get better, less expensive results.

BT Coaches and Mentors

We don’t have instructors. We have coaches and mentors who introduce members to each other, build groups, and design teams for social learning.

We are social creatures. Learning with others is known to increase creativity, build upon shared knowledge, and increase productivity. Our mentors and coaches are trained experts, there to assist you in achieving your goals.

Casey Andrews

BT Coach, Javascript programmer

Timothy Heiden

Mentor, learner, Python programmer

Celine Marie

BT Coach

Jennifer Holand

Mentor Html / CSS

Cathy Waller

Mentor, Google Ads, Analytics, Web SEO

Paul Smith

BT Coach

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