Supercharge Your Learning  with an Education Studio at BT Campus

A BT Campus Education Studio is a must have in your education tool set. Your Education Studio is your knowledge hub and communications central. You’ll be keeping in the know, meeting with coaches, mentors, and other members from your studio. Your studio will be tied to your accounts on other education platforms such that you will be able to reach your entire personal knowledge base.

What We Offer

BT Camus is your place to maximize access to your courses, your notes and your educational network. Learn more about building your educational studio and take advantage of our mentors and coaches to help you align your learning goals.

An Online Campus

Join our virtual campus to take advantage of the latest and greatest online experience for new opportunities in learning.

Education Studio

Your own personal site to organize your learning, classes, and share news with your mentors and classmates. Keep all of your certifications in one place and upload video content that relates to your studies. 

Realworld Projects

Have a new idea but not sure how or where to start? Find others with the skills you need to create the perfect win/win team. 

Progress Tracking

Discover how to make your learning work for you. Share your accomplishments with your employer. network with online friends and know exactly what you need to do to accomplish your goals, with personal do lists and project tracking.

Learning Paths

So many paths, so little time. Find out how to create the learning path that gets you where you need to go.

Mentors and Coaches

Our mentors and coaches are trained to ensure your campus experience is something that will translate into tangible results for you.

Our Most Popular Courses and Programs

The most popular educational programs at BT Campus involve businesses working together with other businesses in teams to solve the challenges that all businesses share in common.

Accounting, Finance and Treasury

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC)

Computer Science

Data Science and Analytics

Digital Arts


Google Ads and Analytics

Microsoft 365 Business

Website Development and E-commerce

Business Training and Social Learning

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What People Are Saying

“BT Campus enables my learning be progressive and adaptable for the changing times. The ability to share what I’m working on with manager has strengthened my position within my team. The power to work with my team from home has increased my visibility and vision of the opportunities I have.”

Janet Dupree- Sales

“Very cool concept and well executed!  My employer has incorporated BT Campus into my personal development plan. Having the CCE courses in one place has the added benefit of allowing me to see what I have done so that I can broaden the topics I need to. The folks at BT Campus are friendly and helpful- Thanks!”



“I started with BT Campus during the pandemic, when I had nothing to do but fill my time with online classes. My education studio has given me insight into my interests and I am now embarking on a new career. The ability to network with others is helping me to find people who have already been down the road I am just starting. I know I can do this because I have new connections that are experienced entrepreneurs and who are willing to share their knowledge with me.”

Maisey McLean- Magical Mask Designer

“I was devastated when I had to lay off half of my workforce. I used BT Campus to keep in touch with my former employees and still be able to mentor them. I feel better knowing that they are doing ok and building their skills while looking for work.”

Nick M.

Elevate Learning & Save Cost

Elevate your learning both individually and orgaizatioanally with BT Campus and Brain Trust University

Transition Plans

Provide education benefits to employees as part of upskilling, reskilling, furlough and layoff plans.

Micro Degrees

Provide micro degrees to employees for specialized training that also counts toward credit for degrees.

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